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Henry Campbell-Bannerman

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I am half-surprised to find that as I go on I get more and more confirmed in the old advanced Liberal principles, economic, social, & political, with which I entered Parliament 30 years ago.
Letter to John Spencer (19 February, 1900).
John Wilson, C.B.: A Life of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman (London: Constable, 1973), p. 326.

Henry Campbell-Bannerman

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[The Liberal party is a] moderate Democrat, a type of Clinton-pragmatic Democrat. It's moved in the last few years very much to the right on fiscal and economic concerns, but still believes in government intrusion in the economy where possible, and does, in its majority, believe in fairly liberal social values.

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For two hundred and fifty years, from the second half of the eighteenth Century on, Capitalism was the dominant social reality. For the last Hundred years, Marxism was the dominant social ideology. Both are rapidly being superseded by a new and very different society. The new society and it is already here is a post-capitalist society... The center of gravity in the post-capitalist society its structure, its social and economic dynamics, its social classes, and its social problems is very different from the one that dominated the last two hundred and fifty years

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