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Gino Severini

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It was during the first years (1906-1910, fh) the we realized the presence of a dualism deep down within us, where another person, whom we ourselves do not know, tends, at the moment of the creative act, to supplant the person we believe ourselves to be and would like to be. It is difficult to bring these two individualities into accord, yet it is upon this accord that the development of a personality largely depends. My first contact with the art of Seurat whom I adopted, once and for all, as my master, did a great deal to help me to express myself in terms of the two simultaneous and often opposed aspirations. This opposition caused me much mental torture, I must admit.. (1956)
as quoted in Letters of the great artists, Richard Friedenthal, Thames and Hudson , London, 1963, p. 247 (translation Daphne Woodward)

Gino Severini

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