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George Gissing

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To be at other people's orders brings out all the bad in me.
Will Warburton (1905), ch. 3

George Gissing

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The producer orders a certain title.
The musical director orders a certain rhythm.
The dance director orders a certain number of bars.
And the composer orders a certain number... of aspirin.
[on working in Hollywood]

Frank Loesser

'What would Deftmenes be if we went around obeying orders all the time?'
'They might be ruling the Carpet,' said Pismire.
'Ha!' said Brocando, 'but the trouble about obeying orders is, it becomes a habit. And then everything depends on who's giving the orders.'

Terry Pratchett

I accept responsibility for the camps, but as far as measures against the Jews, I had nothing to do with them. Those orders came from the RSHA. Himmler sent orders to Kaltenbrunner, who transmitted them to Mueller of the Gestapo, and the latter had the entire extermination program under him. That was the way all of Himmler's orders went. I did not participate in the murder of the Jews.

Oswald Pohl

His strange appearance made the people turn round, and this led Alexander to look at him. In astonishment he gave orders to make way for him to draw near, and asked who he was. "Dinocrates," quoth he, "a Macedonian architect, who brings thee ideas and designs worthy of thy renown. I have made a design for the shaping of Mount Athos into the statue of a man, in whose left hand I have represented a very spacious fortified city, and in his right a bowl to receive the water of all the streams which are in that mountain, so that it may pour from the bowl into the sea."


A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

Isaac Asimov
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