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Frank Bainimarama

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"Following the 2000 coup, this august house did not agree to forgive the perpetrators but you decided that justice will take its course. You are confronted with a similar decision now. The military humbly requests that you display the same wisdom then to protect our land now."

Frank Bainimarama

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"Without [the coup perpetrators] divulging the information they have, there can not really be any reconciliation. It will merely be a vehicle for them to escape justice as is the provision in the current Bill. There is no compulsion on them to come and tell the truth to the Commission about what actually happened, who were behind it, who were the key figures?" (2 August 2005)

Mahendra Chaudhry

"With the main perpetrators of the 2000 coup around anything disastrous can happen. These people are the root of the coup culture and once they are put away this country can move forward.

Maciu Navakasuasua

Jioji Kotobalavu, chief executive in the office of the Prime Minister: "What kind of question is that?" (21 July 2005, in reaction to Nailatikau's accusation that the government was incapable of functioning without perpetrators of the 2000 coup).

Adi Koila Nailatikau

"(Unless all coup perpetrators) are brought before the courts, Fiji cannot put to rest the ghosts of the coup." (7 May 2005)

Adi Koila Nailatikau

"Personally, I feel that if the Lau Provincial Council votes for this Bill it means that they are supporting the amnesty clause, which is what the whole Bill is about. Do they understand that what they are actually doing is agreeing in principle to the removal of the late Turaga na Tui Nayau and condoning the coup perpetrators who were the very thugs who removed the Tui Nayau and brought anarchy to Fiji in the year 2000."

Adi Koila Nailatikau
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