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Coco Chanel

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In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.
As quoted in Coco Chanel : Her Life, Her Secrets (1971) by Marcel Haedrich

Coco Chanel

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And what is its moral proof? We may formulate it thus: Act so that in your own judgment and in the judgment of others you may merit eternity, act so that you may become irreplaceable, act so that you may not merit death. Or perhaps thus: Act as if you were to die tomorrow, but to die in order to survive and be eternalized. The end of morality is to give personal, human finality to the Universe; to discover the finality that belongs to it if indeed it has any finality and to discover it by acting.

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I've seen most things in this league in the last 25 years. I haven't seen anything like him. I said at the beginning of the game that he was special, he's more then that, he's irreplaceable.

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Only men of considerable vanity write books; consistently therewith, I worried lest the world were exchanging an irreplaceable author for a more easily purchased diplomat.

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He's one of those people who is completely and utterly irreplaceable. One of the things he did was to form the basis of what one would call the new comedy of the 1960s and 1970s. His achievement is absolutely extraordinary.

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However fiercely opposed one may be to the present order, an old respect for the idea of order itself often prevents people from distinguishing between order and those who stand for order, and leads them in practise to respect individuals under the pretext of respecting order itself.

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