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Charles Lamb

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Gone before
To that unknown and silent shore.
Hester (1803), st. 7.

Charles Lamb

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Floating down a river named Emotion...will I make it back to shore, or drift into the unknown?

Brandon Boyd

To die is landing on some silent shore
Where billows never break, nor tempests roar;
Ere well we feel the friendly stroke, t is oer.

Samuel Garth

My delegation cannot refrain from speaking on this question we who have such an intimate knowledge of boxcars and of deportations to unknown destinations that we cannot be silent.

Golda Meir

  ...   There's a joy,
To the fond votaries of fame unknown,
To hear the still small voice of conscience speak
In whisp'ring plaudit to the silent soul.

Hannah More

I put down the oars and float endlessly as if to the eternal shore. Blue light of the moon shines on my sail. My boat is gliding to a secure haven. Only silent waves break against it. Deepest silence surrounds me and my soul builds a golden bridge to a star.

Joseph Goebbels
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