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Benjamin Fish Austin

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It is a mistaken notion that all spiritual truth was given to the world in one complete system nearly 2000 years ago.

Benjamin Fish Austin

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The destiny of the spiritual World, and, since this is the substantial World, while the physical remains subordinate to it, or, in the language of speculation, has no truth as against the spiritual, the final cause of the World at large, we allege to be the consciousness of its own freedom on the part of Spirit, and ipso facto, the reality of that freedom.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

[T]oday we see how utterly mistaken was the Milton Friedman notion that a market system can regulate itself... Everyone understands now, on the contrary, that there can be no solution without government. The Keynesian idea is once again accepted that fiscal policy and deficit spending has a major role to play in guiding a market economy. I wish Friedman were still alive so he could witness how his extremism led to the defeat of his own ideas.

Milton Friedman

I suggest that the hon. gentleman may be a good corporation lawyer, but he is slipping badly in his history. The capitalist system did not produce the machine age; the machine age produced the capitalist system. The material prosperity that the world has enjoyed for the last seventy-five years or one hundred years has been due to the introduction of power; steam power, then electric power and the internal combustion engine. The capitalist system or the free enterprise system - the terms are synonymous and interchangeable - was the product of the power age. The capitalist system did not produce the power age.

Tommy Douglas

I vow: as soon as possible to realize a plan envisaged for thirty years, to publish a logical system, as soon as possible to fulfill my promise, made ten years ago, of an esthetic system; furthermore, I promise an ethical and dogmatic system, and finally the system. As soon as this has appeared, generations to come will not even need to learn to write, because there will be nothing more to write; but only to read-the system.

Soren Aabye Kierkegaard

People knew about 110 years of chess history. Nowadays, nobody is able to tell you the name of the world champion of 2000.

Anatoly Karpov
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