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Arlo Guthrie

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...And it was about four or five hours later that Alice ó Remember Alice? It's a song about Alice.

Arlo Guthrie

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More: I am faint when I think of the worst that they may do to me. But worse than that would be to go without you not understanding why I go.
Alice: I don't!
More: Alice, if you can tell me that you understand, I think I can make a good death, if I have to.
Alice: Your death's no "good" to me!
More: Alice, you must tell me that you understand!
Alice: I don't! I don't believe this had to happen.
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Alice: Much good it may do me! I'll tell you what I'm afraid of: that when you're gone, I shall hate you for it.

Robert Bolt

In the early days when I was drinking ... I had a very blurry line about where those two were... but I mean, that happens when you drink twenty-two hours a day. I would just sit and drink. I didnít know whether or not I was supposed to be Alice when I went out for dinner and was a little lit. Then there was the question about whether or not I should wear the make up because I didnít really want to disappoint anyone. Was I supposed to get into trouble? Was I supposed to get arrested that night? All of those questions went through my mind. You have to remember though who my older brothers and sisters were though--guys like Jim Morrison and Keith Moon and all the people who were living that life. After they all died, I just sat there and went, ďif one generation is going to learn from the next the truth is going to have to be that you donít have to die to be your character.Ē I figured then that I had better be able to separate the two. When I go onstage as Alice to this day, I play Alice to the hilt ó I play him for everything he is worth, but when Iím offstage, I never think about Alice Cooper. He never occurs to me. .. I walk off stage though and I turn away from the audience, I go back to being me again. Whenever I see an audience, thatís when I turn into Alice. If there was no audience there, there would be no reason to be Alice. . If I tried to be Alice Cooper all the time ó Iíd either be in an insane asylum or in jail or dead. Alice is just too intense, and you just canít be Alice all the time. Jim Morrison couldnít be Jim Morrison, so he died. Jimi Hendrix couldnít be Jimi Hendrix, so he died. Thatís really what killed Janis Joplin, Keith Moon and all the way down the line. They were all animated characters who couldnít live up to their lifestyle, so I said that I needed to be able to separate the two ó thatís why Iím still here.

Alice Cooper

Don't you remember sweet Alice, Ben Bolt?
Sweet Alice, whose hair was so brown;
Who wept with delight when you gave her a smile,
And trembled with fear at your frown!

Thomas Dunn English

This book is in every way except actual authorship Alice Toklas's book; it reflects her mind, her language, her private view of Gertrude, also her unique narrative powers. Every story in it is told as Alice herself had always told it. ... Every story that ever came into the house eventually got told in Alice's way, and this was its definitive version.

Gertrude Stein

I do love Alice in Wonderland though, that's something I think I could do very well. Don't you think we ought to do an A.W.? A.W.'s Alice in Wonderland? Andy Warhol's Alice in Wonderland? A.W. stands for a lot of things, I understand. It, uh, it would make a fantastic film. So I wanted somebody to write the script for it, in a modern sense. I think it would be the most marvelous movie in the world, if it could be done. Don't you think? Really, I don't think they'e done one since they did a Walt Disney one ó which isnít really doing it. In a sense it is, but not in the way it really should be done. What's needed right now is a real scene. I mean not just cartoon characters, but the actual character of people because there's so many fantastic people that you might as well use the people.

Edie Sedgwick
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