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Amanda Palmer

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i am a herd of cats and a drunk shepherd with alzheimer’s all at once.
i am the walrus.
"EL FUCKING NI?O, in which i post no pictures of pirates" at AFP : Amanda Palmer's blog

Amanda Palmer

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The old shepherd had died, or got drunk, or got rats, or got the sack, or a legacy, or got sane, or chucked it, or got lost, or found, or a wife, or had cut his throat, or hanged himself, or got into Parliament or the peerage—anyway, anything had happened to him that can happen to an old shepherd or any other man in the bush, and he wasn't there.

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"Tymoschuk, is a leader by nature, I see the move as positive. Lately we saw in Zenit some conflict, there was no shepherd in the team. Now the herd has a shepherd. He can stop the conflicts and the team will concentrate on football.", Alexei Safonov commenting on the role Tymoschuk will play in Zenit, 2013.

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At least Alzheimer's patients do not know what is happening to their brains and bodies. Some say this makes Alzheimer's less terrible than ALS, where the patient understands everything. But if lack of comprehension is of some small blessing to the Alzheimer's victim, it does nothing to help the family. Care of the stricken spouse or parent can consume a family's time, energy and resources. Instead of enjoying retirement years, a husband or wife, whose own strength may be declining with age, can find every day consumed by care giving. Then there is the wrenching decision of whether to place the loved one in a nursing home, a decision that can result in enormous cost, not to mention guilt.

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In that year [Einstein] had roughly equal numbers of large and small cats. Therefore, quite logically, he cut two holes in each door: a large one for the large cats, and a small one for the small cats. It made perfect sense. ... A hole should have a meaningful existence, and the small cats might be offended if a personalized nothing was not prepared for them.

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