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Ali al-Rida

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A trustworthy person does not betray you, but you consider the betrayer to be trustworthy.
Majlisi, Bih?rul Anw?r, vol.78, p.335

Ali al-Rida

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God in heaven surely knows best what is the highest that a person can aspire to and complete. Scripture only asks if you were a trustworthy servant. p. 148

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I think that a good person can sometimes do wrong out of ignorance or weakness or wrong thinking, but when hard times come, the goodness wins out after all. And a bad person can often seem good and trustworthy for a long time, but when hard times come, the evil in him gets revealed.

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Man is an imperfect animal and never quite trustworthy in the dark.

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I'm trustworthy and true and a whole of other positive words that start with T.

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Nothing happened on 9/11 that made the federal government more trustworthy.

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