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Albert Chevalier

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Wot cher! all the neighbours cried,
Who yer gonna meet, Bill,
Have yer bought the street, Bill?
Laugh! I thought I should've died,
Knocked 'em in the Old Kent Road.
Song Knocked 'em in the Old Kent Road

Albert Chevalier

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Raffi: I can too marry Stone Cold Steve Austin when I grow up!
Bill: Clarice, what are you teaching this kid?
Bill Jr.: You can not, 'cause I'm gonna marry him, and we're gonna kick your butt!

Alison Bechdel

Keith Olbermann is trying to make a business out of destroying Bill O'Reilly. He's done certain things to Bill O'Reilly that I believe were way over the line. I think that's bad behavior. But it's okay for him to criticize Bill. And Bill shouldn't be so sensitive. He should ignore that.

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A small item but the point is Nixon came in, shut it down, there was the shooting at Kent State, and gosh, I know liberals don't like it and when you look on Nexis and oh, the whole country was embarrassed. Well, I'm not embarrassed. That's what you do with a mob. They were monstrous at Kent State. It was being led by Bill Ayers.

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"We are not going to take this Bill for granted. We asked them (the Daily Post reporters) to leave the room because they are for the Bill. And if they are for the Bill, this means they are anti-RFMF."

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If I married him,
I would not dare to call my soul my own,
Which so he had bought and paid for: every thought
And every heart-beat down there in the bill,
Not one found honestly deductible
From any use that pleased him!

Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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