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Alan Moore

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There is a certain amount of sham in shamanism. There is a certain amount of theatre. Its as loosely knit as that. Were sort of coming out of the closet a bit more over the next couple of years. Were going to be bringing out manifestos too pushy a word if its a theatre of marvels, were bringing out a theatre programme in the next couple of years. Were working on it at the moment our unified field theory of spookiness where we try to explain everything from language, consciousness, grey aliens to Rosicrucianism or whatever. It is a grand, mad theory which Im working my best on at the moment to make it rational. It is an anti-rationalistic theory but Im trying to couch it in rational terms so that it is not as insular as a lot of magic stuff.

Alan Moore

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I like the liveness of it (theatre, fh) that awful feeling of being on the spot. I must assume the responsibility for that moment, for those actions that happen at that particular time. I dont find theatre that different from painting, and its not that I think of painting as theatre or vice versa. I tend to think of working as a kind of involvement with materials, as well as rather focused interest which changes.

Robert Rauschenberg

The Theatre of the Absurd strives to express its sense of the senselessness of the human condition and the inadequacy of the rational approach by the open abandonment of rational devices and discursive thought. While Sartre or Camus express the new content in the old convention, the Theatre of the Absurd goes a step further in trying to achieve a unity between its basic assumptions and the form in which these are expressed. In some senses, the theatre of Sartre and Camus is less adequate as an expression of the philosophy of Sartre and Camus in artistic, as distinct from philosophic, terms than the Theatre of the Absurd.

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The utter childishness of our provincial public's verdict upon any art-manifestation that may chance to make its first appearance in their own theatre for they are only accustomed to witness performances of works already judged and accredited by the greater world outside brought me to the decision, at no price to produce for the first time a largish work at a minor theatre. When, therefore, I felt again the instinctive need of undertaking a major work, I renounced all idea of obtaining a speedy representation of it in my immediate neighbourhood: I fixed my mind upon some theatre of first rank, that would some day produce it, and troubled myself but little as to where and when that theatre would be found.

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I would quite like to try my hand at directing although I would do it in the theatre rather than in TV or film. Theatre is more just about telling the story. I understand the way the theatre works. I will leave the TV to the experts. Doctor Who is very complicated to direct. It would be impossible to direct that and act in it as well.

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Pascal is called the founder of modern probability theory. He earns this title not only for the familiar correspondence with Fermat on games of chance, but also for his conception of decision theory, and because he was an instrument in the demolition of probabilism, a doctrine which would have precluded rational probability theory.

Ian Hacking
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