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Agis IV

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The Spartans do not ask how many the enemies are but where they are.
As quoted in Moralia by Plutarch, Book 16, Apophthegmata Laconica [Sayings of the Spartans], 215
Spartans do not ask how many, only where the enemy are.
The Spartans do not ask how many, but where their enemies are.

Agis IV

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At one time the Spartans were capable of such a wise measure, but not our present, mendaciously sentimental, bourgeois patriotic nonsense. The rule of six thousand Spartans over three hundred and fifty thousand Helots was only thinkable in consequence of the high racial value of the Spartans. But this was the result of a systematic race preservation; thus Sparta must be regarded as the first Völkisch State. The exposure of sick, weak, deformed children, in short their destruction, was more decent and in truth a thousand times more humane than the wretched insanity of our day which preserves the most pathological subject, and indeed at any price, and yet takes the life of a hundred thousand healthy children in consequence of birth control or through abortions, in order subsequently to breed a race of degenerates burdened with illnesses.

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