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Agatha Christie

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This, Hastings, will be my last case. It will be, too, my most interesting case — and my most interesting criminal.
Hercule Poirot

Agatha Christie

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“Try to be a man about whom nothing is known,” our father said, when we were young. Our father said several other interesting things, but we have forgotten what they were. “Keep quiet,” he said. That we remember. He wished more quiet. One tends to want that, in a National Park. Our father was a man about whom nothing was known. Nothing is known about him still. He gave us the recipes. He was not very interesting. A tree is more interesting. A suitcase is more interesting. A canned good is more interesting. When we sing the father hymn, we notice that he was not very interesting. The words of the hymn notice it. It is explictly commented upon, in the text.

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You are a very interesting case, General. Do you know what fat file of evidence we have against you here?

Heinrich Muller

Foucault is an interesting case because I'm sure he honestly wants to undermine power but I think with his writings he reinforced it.

Michel Foucault

Tension among a bunch of neurotics is just more interesting for a story than is a description of dedicated professionals doing their work and getting along, which is the case in reality. When in doubt, assume I made it up.

Christopher Moore

This work contains many things which are new and interesting. Unfortunately, everything that is new is not interesting, and everything which is interesting, is not new.

Lev Davidovich Landau
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