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I like to be at the base/bottom of a pyramid. So i can say to the one at the top that I will leave if I want... Spyros Tsatopoulos - Diaries


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Drawing is based upon perspective, which is nothing else than a thorough knowledge of the function of the eye. And this function simply consists in receiving in a pyramid the forms and colours of all the objects placed before it. I say in a pyramid, because there is no object so small that it will not be larger than the spot where these pyramids are received into the eye. Therefore, if you extend the lines from the edges of each body as they converge you will bring them to a single point, and necessarily the said lines must form a pyramid.

Leonardo da Vinci

"The top of the Great Pyramid [.....] there's no capstone on the pyramid. Till the year 2000 celebrations when George Bush [Snr.] and some of these guys put a phony one up there. See, they think they are going to have a new world order, and they probably are."

Kent Hovind

Perspective is nothing more than a rational demonstration applied to the consideration of how objects in front of the eye transmit their image to it, by means of a pyramid of lines. The Pyramid is the name I apply to the lines which, starting from the surface and edges of each object, converge from a distance and meet in a single point.

Leonardo da Vinci

Base words are uttered only by the base
And can for such at once be understood;
But noble platitudes ó ah, there's a case
Where the most careful scrutiny is needed
To tell a voice that's genuinely good
From one that's base but merely has succeeded.

Wystan Hugh Auden

I came from the bottom of the bottom. Itís hard for a lot of people to comprehend my story Ė a lot of people just donít get me because they havenít experienced it. I came from the bottom and I have risen up and I have changed but I have never forgotten.

50 Cent
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