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Dith Pran

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He knew we had no chance without him so he argued not to be separated from us, offering, in effect, to forfeit his own life on the chance that he might save ours.
Sydney Schanberg, describing Pran's efforts to get his colleagues out of harm's way.
Hero of the Cambodian 'Killing Fields', Dith Pran, dies of cancer at 65. Daily Mail (2008-03-31). Retrieved on 2008-03-31.

Dith Pran

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As he went through the half-darkness of the lamp-lit streets, deserted almost entirely at this hour, he brooded over his hard luck. What chance had he ever been given? Raught, for that matter, like many another in case like his, was far from grasping fully how bad his luck had been, how little the chance that life had offered. Neglect and harshness had marked him in infancy; there had been nothing at any time to tell against the effect of them. But in all of the past that he remembered and could understand there had been more than enough to be stored up as matter for savage resentment, for the soul-sick criminal's conviction that he owes the world no more than such repayment as he can make in its own coin.

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