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* 1965 Erik Naggum Lisp programmer.
* 1963 Audrey Niffenegger American writer, artist and academic.
* 1959 Boyko Borisov Current prime minister of Bulgaria.
* 1955 Alan Hansen BBC television football pundit and former football player.
* 1953 Tim Allen Golden Globe-winning American comedian, actor, voice-over artist, and entertainer, known for his role in the sitcom Home Improvement.
* 1947 Jerrold Nadler Democratic United States Representative from New York.
* 1945 Whitley Strieber US writer best known for his non-fiction account of what he calls his "visitor experiences" and for his horror novels.
* 1944 Ban Ki-moon Current Secretary-General of the United Nations.
* 1937 Eleanor Holmes Norton Member of the United States House of Representatives but is not a full voting member.
* 1928 John Forbes Nash Mathematician and Game Theorist.
* 1893 Dorothy L. Sayers Renowned British author, translator, student of classical and modern languages, and Christian humanist.
* 1881 Mary Antin American author and immigration rights activist.
* 1877 Joseph Stella Italian-born American Futurist painter best known for his depictions of industrial America.
* 1875 Miriam Ferguson Became the first female Governor of Texas in 1924, and the second female state governor in the United States.
* 1865 William Butler Yeats Irish symbolist poet, dramatist and mystic.
* 1831 James Clerk Maxwell Scottish mathematical physicist.
* 1795 Thomas Arnold Schoolmaster and historian, head of Rugby School from 1828 to 1841.
* 1786 Winfield Scott United States Army general, and unsuccessful presidential candidate of the Whig Party in 1852.
* 1773 Thomas (scientist) Young English genius and polymath, admired by, among others, William Herschel and Albert Einstein.
* 1752 Frances Burney Also known as Fanny Burney and after marriage as Madame d'Arblay, was an English novelist, poet, diarist, and playwright.
* 1508 Alessandro Piccolomini Italian humanist and philosopher from Siena, who promoted the popularization in the vernacular of Latin and Greek scientific and philosophical treatises.


† 2006 Charles Haughey Sixth Taoiseach of the Republic of Ireland, serving from 1979 to 1981, March 1982 to December 1982 and from 1987 to 1992.
† 2005 David Diamond American composer of classical music.
† 1972 Georg Von Bekesy Hungarian biophysicist born in Budapest.
† 1965 Martin Buber Jewish philosopher, theologian, story-teller, and teacher.
† 1901 Leopoldo Alas Also known as Clarํn, was a Spanish realist novelist born in Zamora.
† 1645 Miyamoto Musashi Famous Japanese swordsman, believed to have been one of the most skilled swordsmen in history.
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