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Parenting Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

Mark Kingwell | Parenting Quotes
For every apparent gain, in short, we now observe a balancing danger. This is the world we have created.
Peter Ustinov
Parents are the bones on which children cut their teeth.
Doris Lessing
Parents should leave books lying around marked "forbidden" if they want their children to read.

Rachel Trachtenburg
Interviewer: How long do your parents usually let you stay up?
Billy Corgan
My earliest memory is of feeling different. My parents told me that I wasn't like other children.
Stanislaw Ulam | Parenting Quotes
I am always amazed how much a certain facility with a special and apparently narrow technique can accomplish.
Orson Scott Card
I don't know you, ma'am, and apparently I'm expected to die for you.
Jack Thompson
I gave all this to Dennis McCauley, but apparently he was too busy freelancing a boil to report it.
Jack Thompson
Apparently not. Jack Thompson
Muriel Spark
Parents learn a lot from their children about coping with life.
J. D. Salinger | Parenting Quotes
For joy, apparently, it was all Franny could do to hold the phone, even with both hands.

Apparent rari nantes in gurgite vasto.
Warren Farrell
Both parents’ rights must be in balance so children can grow up with a balance between both parents.
Siddharth Katragadda
Being a good human being is very easy: Be a good son, a good husband, a good parent and a good citizen.
Claudette Colbert
Why do grandparents and grandchildren get along so well? They have the same enemy—the mother.
I wish that every human life might be pure transparent freedom.
Alfie Kohn
Most parents want to know what they can do to make their children do as they're told.
Theophile Gautier
Ils sont si transparents qu'ils laissent voir votre âme.
Warren Farrell
Our children are better served by speaking not of visitation versus custody, but of parent time.
Catherine Brechignac
In the labs, the young make things move, and the older ones follow like parents evolving with their children.

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