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Ahmad Shah Massoud (1953 – 2001)

Prominent political figure in Afghanistan's recent history and played a leading role in driving the Soviet army out of Afghanistan.
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Ahmad Shah Massoud
We will never be a pawn in someone else's game. We will always be Afghanistan.
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If President Bush doesn't help us, these terrorists will damage the U.S. and Europe very soon.
It has always been our deep conviction, and we have always stressed the fact that the only solution for Afghanistan is democracy through elections. Each individual must have the right to vote. The day we will be in Kabul, we will organize elections under the auspices of international organizations.

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I am ready to serve the people of Afghanistan, particularly in order to restore peace. I will be ready to assume any duty at the service of my people.
Massoud Ahmad Shah
Afghans want to regain their right to self-determination through a democratic or traditional mechanism acceptable to our people. We are willing to move toward this noble goal. We consider this as part of our duty to defend humanity against the scourge of intolerance, violence and fanaticism.
Ahmad Shah Massoud quotes
The behavior of the Taliban as well as their extremist attitudes do not correspond in any way with a tolerant Islam. We have always been opposed to extremist tendencies of Islam and we still are. We have not stopped insisting on defending an Islam of tolerance which would be profitable to every Muslim, in Afghanistan and in the whole world, and we will always defend it.
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