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Alec Issigonis

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A camel looks like a horse that was planned by a committee.
Vogue, July 1958
Often misquoted as "A camel is a horse designed by a committee."

Alec Issigonis

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A Camel is a Horse designed by committee.


The young people, who were all Canadians, immediately formed themselves into a committee of the whole, from which they elected a working committee, which discussed the matter for about an hour, though as it was a committee the time seemed to be a year and a day.

Robertson Davies

Death is a Black Camel that kneels unbidden at every gate. Tonight, black camel knelt here.

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From the point of view of semantics, errors must be accidents: if in the extension of "horse" there are no cows, then it cannot be required for the meaning of "horse" that cows be called horses. On the other hand, if "horse" did not mean that which it means, and if it were an error for horses, it would never be possible for a cow to be called "horse." Putting the two things together, it can be seen that the possibility of falsely saying "this is a horse" presupposes the existence of a semantic basis for saying it truly, but not vice versa. If we put this in terms of the crude causal theory, the fact that cows cause one to say "horse" depends on the fact that horses cause one to say "horse"; but the fact that horses cause one to say "horse" does not depend on the fact that cows cause one to say "horse"...

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There are moments or periods when it would be wonderful to plan something and do it and have the thing only do what you planned to do, and then, there are other times when the destruction of those planned things becomes interesting to you. So then, it becomes a question of destroying Ė of destroying the planned forms; itís like an escape, itís something to do, something to begin the situation. You yourself, you donít decide, but if you want to paint, you have to find out some way to start this thing off, whether it is painting it out or putting it in..

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