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Stephen Sondheim

American stage musical and film composer and lyricist, one of the few people to win an Academy Award, multiple Tony Awards, multiple Grammy Awards, and a Pulitzer Prize.
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Stephen Sondheim
She was smart, tart, dry as a Martini,
Ah, but underneath,
She was all... heart, something by Puccini,
Ah, but underneath,
In the depths... of... her interior
Were fears... she... was inferior
And some... thing... even eerier --
But no one dared to query her superior exterior!
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I dim the lights... and think about you
Spend sleepless nights... to think about you
You said you loved me... or were you just being kind?
Or am I losing my mind?
Without question, Steve is the best Broadway lyricist, past or present.

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I'm a lazy writer. My idea of heaven is not writing. On the other hand, I'm obviously compulsive about it.
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