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Adelard Godbout (1892 – 1956)

Quebec agriculturalist and politician.
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Adelard Godbout
Did not Mister Godbout himself I will surprise many, such a bad historical reputation was made about him propose in 1948, in all letters, the holding of a referendum to reach [...], let us get ready, "an equal to equal agreement between Quebec and Canada"? It was 32 years ago...
Godbout quotes
Posterity, until now, has been truly inequitable regarding Godbout. It is true, he was responsible [...] of renunciations, if you will, renunciations that this absolutely infernal pressure of wartime made probably inevitable. But it is quite unjust that people forgot that these few years of the Godbout government were also punctuated by three crucial decisions that almost constitute the act of birth of contemporary Quebec. In a few brief years, in only one government mandate, the creation of Hydro-Quebec, the establishment of obligatory instruction and [...] the women's vote.
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