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Patrick Allen

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He's the popular high school jock. She's the geek nobody can be bothered to speak to. You'll never guess what happens next! probably will.

Patrick Allen

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Alex is cool because a lot of people can relate to her. She's not the most popular girl in school, but she's also not a geek. I know what it's like to think you don't always fit in, and I think kids can relate to Alex's feelings about being average.

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"It's a nice feeling. I was not like the popular guy in high school. This is revenge for all the bullies in high school [laughter]. It's a great feeling. Maybe women sometimes are more open to romantic music."

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I guess you do hate high school. It's "if you're not one" not "your not one." Contractions are something you didn't learn, I guess. If you had paid attention in English class, you would have enjoyed it more. By the way, nice pottymouth. Jack Thompson

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Jock, when ye hae naething else to do, ye may be ay sticking in a tree; it will be growing, Jock, when ye're sleeping.

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Hey, how many people here are in high school? Any high school kids here? Are you in high school? Are you teacher's pet? You're sure? I was, man. I used to f**k my teacher every night. I lost my virginity with her, man. She was f**king nice.

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