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Louis Antoine de Saint-Just

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Every political edict which is not based upon nature is wrong.
(Autumn 1792) [Source: Oeuvres Compl?tes de Saint-Just, vol. 1 (2 vols., Paris, 1908), p. 306]

Louis Antoine de Saint-Just

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Eventually an effective political ideology cannot be based on any certain religion. Religion can offer some contribution, but an entire political activism cannot be oriented in accordance with religion. Political history of this region has the example of religion-based politics attempted during Pakistan era and it failed. Not only in Islam, people in other religions of many regions try to keep on politics based on religion. It's not right. It's important and it should be remembered.

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In the state of nature, wrong-doing is impossible; or, if anyone does wrong, it is to himself, not to another. For no one by the law of nature is bound to please another, unless he chooses, nor to hold anything to be good or evil, but what he himself, according to his own temperament, pronounces to be so; and, to speak generally, nothing is forbidden by the law of nature, except what is beyond everyone's power.

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Each of our moral, mental, and bodily powers must have its development based upon its own nature, and not based upon artificial and outside influences.

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