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Bob Saget

American actor, stand-up comedian, and television host.
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Bob Saget
Kids, do not fuck that shit; you'll get an infection.
Saget quotes
People ask me what my favorite episode of Full House is; it was the last one!
This woman woke up to see me and John Stamos banging on her windows. She must have thought she died and went to sitcom hell.

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If you laugh at that, you lower the bar, and I will limbo under it because I am a fucked-up guy!
Saget Bob
That would be a good public service announcement for Nickelodeon: "Hi, this is Bob Saget. Don't fuck that shit. Stay in school. And read!"
Bob Saget quotes
I don't call her my middle child, I call her my center child, Because the world revolves around her.
Bob Saget
Full House gave me Tourette's. We would be on the set, and, action! "Okay, Michelle, you can't have a horse in the house--" and, cut! "Cock shit fuck!"
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