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Mona Sahlin

Swedish politician and the former leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party from March 17, 2007 to March 25, 2011.
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Mona Sahlin
If you're a social democrat, then you think it's cool to pay taxes. For me, tax is the finest expression for what politics really is.
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In other words, we have to stop this beaver woman before she's gnawn apart every welfare system we've got in our country.
If two equally qualified persons apply for a job at a workplace with few immigrants, the one called Mohammed should get the job.

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I think that's what makes many Swedes jealous of immigrant groups. You have a culture, an identity, a history, something that brings you together. And what do we have? We have Midsummer's Eve and such silly things.
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"In Sweden, there is a bunch of values that you have to accept. You may like it or not, but you donīt have a choice. If people withdraw from society to avoid adapting, we need to find a way to force Swedish values on them".
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But that has nothing to do with ethnicity. Who's by the way Swedish and who's an immigrant?
Mona Sahlin
The unemployment strikes hardest and most clearly those who don't have a job.
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