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William Caxton

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And thus love is founded otherwhile upon good prouffitable and this love endureth as longe as he seeth his prouffit. And herof men saye a comyn proverbe in England that love lasteth as longe as the money endureth and whan the money faylleth than there is no love.
The Game and Playe of the Chesse, Bk. III (1474)

William Caxton

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I love you more than bears love honey,
I love you more than Jews love money,
I love you more than Asians are good at math.
I love you even if it's not hip,
I love you more than black guys don't tip,
I love you like Puerto Ricans need baths.

Sarah Silverman

I used love like money, but love doesn't work like money. It is not a commodity. When we barter with it, we all lose. When the church does not love its enemies, it fuels their rage. It makes them hate us more.

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The money-getter who pleads his love of work has a lame defense, for love of work at money-getting is a lower taste than love of money.

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Would you love me for my money?
Would you love me for my head?
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Oh, if you would and you could,
Come blow your horn on high.

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Oh, love, love, love
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Love against a cloudless sky,
Love where the scene is
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Love with martinis
In the cabarets and bars.
Oh, love, love, love...

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