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Walter Schellenberg (1910 – 1952)

German Nazi who rose through the SS to become, following the abolition of the Abwehr in 1944, head of foreign intelligence.
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Walter Schellenberg
In my opinion, a war between England and Germany was a war between brothers. In my inner self I admired the English government and political system.
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No one. That was the difficulty of my position. Any day something might happen to me. Himmler told me at the end of April 1945, after I had held a conference with the Zionist leader in Sweden, that he felt sorry for what he had done in his life, regretted his sneakiness toward other people, and excused himself for that. He said, to quote Himmler from my memory: 'If I had only listened to you, Schellenberg, in 1943, there still would have been time to do something for the German people.' I always had the impression that Himmler was under the influence of Hitler. Himmler was suggestible - could easily have been under the influence of Hitler. Himmler conspired with me too much for it to be true that Hitler was under Himmler's influence. Himmler and I plotted against Hitler too much for that. Toward the end of 1943 Himmler actually talked with me about killing Hitler. That was the danger in my position. Should someone change his mind, it would be the end of me. It became even more obvious after the Attentat of July 20, 1944, when Kaltenbrunner worked more and more closely with Hitler. Kaltenbrunner conspired against Himmler.
I could not tell Himmler everything because he was too false and two-faced.

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In my case, though I had an idea of what was going on - I purposely didn't see it.
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Many of my personal enemies picture me as a cold type - a person who acts according to a certain line, a calculating type.
Walter Schellenberg quotes
For instance, against the tremendous resistance of Hitler and Kaltenbrunner, and at first Himmler too, I managed to save nine thousand Norwegians and Danes, whom I had released from concentration camps.
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