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Vladimir Mayakovsky (1893 – 1930)

Georgian-born Russian playwright, screenwriter and poet.
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Vladimir Mayakovsky
You don't have to be a poet, but you do have to be a citizen. Well, Mayakovsky was not a citizen, he was a lackey, who served Stalin faithfully. He added his babble to the magnification of the immortal image of the leader and teacher.
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Tramp squares with rebellious treading!
Up heads! As proud peaks be seen!
In the second flood we are spreading
Every city on earth will be clean.
Love's ship has foundered on the rocks of life.
We're quits: stupid to draw up a list
of mutual sorrows, hurts and pains.

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Art is not a mirror to hold up to society, but a hammer with which to shape it.
Mayakovsky Vladimir
No gray hairs streak my soul,
no grandfatherly fondness there!
I shake the world with the might of my voice,
and walk – handsome,
Vladimir Mayakovsky quotes
Incomprehensible rubbish.
Vladimir Mayakovsky
If you wish,
I shall grow irreproachably tender:
not a man, but a cloud in trousers!
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In parade deploying
                              the armies of my pages,
I shall inspect
                     the regiments in line.
Heavy as lead,
                      my verses at attention stand,
ready for death
                      and for immortal fame.
On the pavement
of my trampled soul
the steps of madmen
weave the prints of rude crude words.
Mayakovsky Vladimir
He was perhaps the only tolerable propaganda poet of all time: he meant it, and the energy he put into it was, as is frequently said, demonic.
Vladimir Mayakovsky
A rhyme's
a barrel of dynamite.
                              A line is a fuse
                                                    that's lit.
The line smoulders,
                              the rhyme explodes –
and by a stanza
                        a city
                                  is blown to bits.

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I understand the power and the alarm of words –
Not those that they applaud from theatre-boxes,
but those which make coffins break from bearers
and on their four oak legs walk right away.
Vladimir Mayakovsky
With this man, the newness of our times was climatically and uniquely in his blood. His very strangeness was one with the strangeness of the age, an age still half unrealised.
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                        in my teeth too,
and I'd rather
                                   romances for you –
more profit in it
                      and more charm.
But I
                                    setting my heel
on the throat
                    of my own song.
Mayakovsky Vladimir
Mayakovsky was and is the best and most talented poet of our Soviet era. Indifference to his memory and works is a crime.
Mayakovsky Vladimir quotes
I want to be understood by my country,
but if I fail to be understood –
what then?,
I shall pass through my native land
to one side,
like a shower
of slanting rain.
Vladimir Mayakovsky
He stands with one foot on Mont Blanc and with the other on the Elbrus. His voice out-thunders thunder. What is the wonder that…the proportions of earthly things vanish and that no difference is left between the small and the great?…No doubt this hyperbolic style reflects in some measure the frenzy of our time. But this does not provide it with an overall artistic justification. It is impossible to out-clamour war and revolution, but it is easy to get hoarse in the attempt.
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Art must not be concentrated in dead shrines called museums. lt must be spread everywhere – on the streets, in the trams, factories, workshops, and in the workers' homes.
Vladimir Mayakovsky
         for us
                   is no paradise of arbors —
to us
          love tells us, humming,
                                            that the stalled motor
                                                                            of the heart
has started to work
Mayakovsky Vladimir
Hey, you!
Off with your hat!
I am coming!

Not a sound.

The universe sleeps,
its huge paw curled
upon a star-infested ear.
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