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John Carder Bush

British writer, poet, and photographer.
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John Carder Bush
When Woman comes at me
do I let her take the bridle,
or turn away the head?
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On the ice flow they grip,
cut, twist, break open seeds
throwing out the white salt,
revive volcanic dreams:
unable to satisfy
their diminuated lust
the allegoric flesh
learns the thrill of return.
When God comes at me
do I bow the stallion's legs
or meet him with flared nostrils?

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When I
and stallion
the grass gets cropped.
Bush John Carder
Embla lies with each thing,
Ask looks and knows.
without explanation
they depart and separate.
John Carder Bush quotes
When Man comes at me
do I rein in the stallion,
or let him meet the hooves?
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