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Gregory the Great Gregory I

Pope from September 3, 590 until his death.
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Gregory the Great Gregory I
Gregory is in a very real sense the last of the Romans. His tone of command, while justified by his office, has its instinctive basis in Roman aristocratic pride.
Gregory I quotes
Gregory's letters are extraordinarily interesting, not only as showing his character, but as giving a picture of his age. His tone, except to the emperor and the ladies of the Byzantine court, is that of a head master-sometimes commending, often reproving, never showing the faintest hesitation as to his right to give orders.
Gregory I
Non Angli, sed angeli.

They are rightly named, for their faces are angelic; and such should be the co-heirs of the angels in heaven.
Scriptura sacra mentis oculis quasi quoddam speculum opponitur, ut interna nostra facies in ipsa videatur. Ibi etenim foeda, ibi pulehra nostra cognoscimus.
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