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Andrei Grechko (1903 – 1976)

Soviet general, Marshal of the Soviet Union, and Minister of Defense.
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Andrei Grechko
We do not have the right to forget that reactionary imperialism exists and its forces actively operate in the world, that they encourage the arms race and that they try to restore the spirit of the Cold War.
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The lesson of that victory was that Soviet citizens must still heed Lenin's warning of 1921.
The Communist Party and the Soviet Government display constant concern to strengthen the country's defensive might and raise the combat readiness of the Armed Forces.

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For us military men, it is impossible to forget.
Grechko Andrei
I won't give you personnel, I won't give you any money. Do what you like but I won't raise this with the government... And in general I am against moon missions.
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Liberalization and democratization are in essence counter-revolution.
Andrei Grechko
At the present stage, the historic function of the Soviet Armed Forces is not restricted merely to their function in defending our motherland and the other socialist countries. In its foreign policy activity the Soviet state actively and purposefully opposes the export of counter-revolution and the policy of oppression, supports the national liberation struggle, and resolutely resists imperialist aggression in whatever distant region of our planet it may appear. The party and Soviet Government rely on the country's economic and defense might in fulfilling these tasks...The development of the external functions of the socialist armies is a natural process. It will continue.
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