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E. Lee Spence

German-born American underwater archaeologist and shipwreck historian.
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E. Lee Spence
As a child, everyone dreams of finding treasure. Thereís romance and drama. But as an adult most people arenít going to spend their lives trying to find it.
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Rocks are like wreck magnets and ships run aground today in pretty much the same locations and for the same reasons they did thousands of years ago.
Genius is the ability to look at things simply.

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My drug of choice is historical research.
Spence E. Lee
First understand infinity then you will understand God and how evolution is intelligent design.
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I've found it! I've found the Hunley. (Best selling author Nancy Roberts writes: Filled with excitement, and a certain lack of caution, Spence shot up to the surface, shouting to the men in the boat, 'I've found it! I've found the Hunley.' The location of the Confederate submarine H. L. Hunley (first submarine in history to sink an enemy ship) had been a mystery for over one hundred years. In 1978, the Hunley was placed on the United States National Register of Historic Places as a result of Spence's discovery. The wreck was raised in 2000. Her crew was still inside.)
E. Lee Spence
Hours of research can cut months of field work. (Full quote: In today's world, time is the most expensive part of an expedition. Man hours spent in the archives can cut hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of time from the field phase of most projects.)
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