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Charles Jeffreys (1807 – 1865)

English music publisher and composer of songs.
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Charles Jeffreys
The morn was fair, the skies were clear,
No breath came o'er the sea.
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Meek and lowly, pure and holy,
Chief among the "blessed three."
We have lived and loved together
Through many changing years;
We have shared each other's gladness,
And wept each other's tears.

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The bud is on the bough again,
The leaf is on the tree.
Jeffreys Charles
A word in season spoken
May calm the troubled breast.
Charles Jeffreys quotes
Come, wander with me, for the moonbeams are bright
On river and forest, o'er mountain and lea.
Charles Jeffreys
I have heard the mavis singing
Its love-song to the morn;
I've seen the dew-drop clinging
To the rose just newly born.
Jeffreys Charles quotes
Come o'er the moonlit sea,
The waves are brightly glowing.
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