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Abraham Polonsky (1910 – 1999)

American novelist, screenwriter and film director.
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Abraham Polonsky
Twenty-one years between first and second films is longer than any director should have to wait. The case of Polonsky is one of the most dismal hangovers from the McCarthy period.
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Yeah, yeah, I know I got rid of the headache. Now I got cancer.
Polonsky, along with Chaplin and Losey, remains one of the great casualties of the anti-Communist hysteria of the fifties.

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First of all, directing is an idea that you have of a total flow of images that are going on, which are incidentally actors, words, and objects in space. It's an idea you have of yourself, like the idea you have of your own personality which finds its best representation in the world in terms of specific flows of imaginary images. That's what directing is.
Polonsky Abraham
What are you gonna do? Kill me? Everybody dies.
Abraham Polonsky quotes
Indians don't last in prison. They weren't born for it like the whites.
Abraham Polonsky
"What you doin' with such a big ol' dog in New York?" "Never had a wife."
Polonsky Abraham quotes
What do you mean "gangsters"? It's business.
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