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Max Lucado

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It is impossible to talk with you. You always draw conclusions. No one knows. Say only this. Your sons had to go to war, and mine did not. No one knows if it is a blessing or a curse. No one is wise enough to know. Only God knows.
"The Old Man and the White Horse"

Max Lucado

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In the dime stores and bus stations,
People talk of situations,
Read books repeat quotations,
Draw conclusions on the wall.

Bob Dylan

Men would bless you or curse you;
The curse, a protest against failure,
The blessing, a hymn of the hunter
Who comes back from the hills
With provision for his mate.

Khalil Gibran

As it is not to be imagined that the fornicator and the blasphemer can partake of the sacred Table, so it is impossible that he who has an enemy, and bears malice, can enjoy the holy Communion.Ö I forewarn, and testify, and proclaim this with a voice that all may hear! ĎLet no one who hath an enemy draw near the sacred Table, or receive the Lordís Body! Let no one who draws near have an enemy! Do you have an enemy? Draw not near! Do you wish to draw near? Be reconciled, and then draw near, and touch the Holy Thing!í

John Chrysostom

All I know is that the stable is empty, and the horse is gone. The rest I donít know. Whether it be a curse or a blessing, I canít say. All we can see is a fragment. Who can say what will come next?

Max Lucado

What happened in New Orleans looked like the curse of God, in time if New Orleans recovers and becomes the pristine city it can become it may in time be called a blessing. But at this time it's called a curse.

John Hagee
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