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Dick Cavett

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There's so much comedy on television. Does that cause comedy in the streets?
Mocking the TV-violence debate, as quoted in Life, Vol. 18 (1995), p. 8

Dick Cavett

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I'm not sure sophisticated comedy has a place on television any more I'd like to think it still does ... But I'm not sure the networks are interested, I'm not sure anybody else is interested in sophisticated comedy any more.

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"Leaf by Niggle" ends as a comedy, even as a "divine comedy," on more levels than one. But while it looks forward to "divine comedy", it incorporates and springs from a sense of earthly tragedy: failure, anxiety, and frustration.

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Comedy doesn't really have any meaning without sadness The most meaningful comedy comes from some really serious pathos.

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Great comedy is great comedy only if it has an element of truth in it.

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