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Brandon Boyd

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Floating down a river named Emotion...will I make it back to shore, or drift into the unknown?

Brandon Boyd

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A stone lies in a river; a piece of wood is jammed against it; dead leaves, drifting logs, and branches caked with mud collect; weeds settle there, and soon birds have made a nest and are feeding their young among the blossoming water plants. Then the river rises and the earth is washed away. The birds depart, the flowers wither, the branches are dislodged and drift downward; no trace is left of the floating island but a stone submerged by the water; — such is our personality.

Cyril Connolly

Petals floating by, Drift through my woman’s hand, As she remembers me.

David Brin

The mighty river flowing dark and deep,
With ebb and flood from the remote sea-tides,
Vague-sounding through the City’s sleepless sleep,
Is named the River of the Suicides.

James (B.V.) Thomson

What is the use trying to describe the flowing of a river at any one moment, and then at the next moment, and then at the next, and the next, and the next? You wear out. You say: There is a great river, and it flows through this land, and we have named it History.

Ursula K. Le Guin

I kno plenty ov folks who are so kondem kontrary, that if they should fall into the river, they would insist uopon floating up stream.

Josh Billings
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