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Ralston Bowles

Ralston Bowles is an American songwriter, producer, musician and singer from Grand Rapids, Michigan.
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Ralston Bowles
"When did he cross that line from a person to a textile shrine?"
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"I am not who I would like to be, It's just who I am right now."
"If heaven is the reason and dieing is the door, than why aren't we all leaving what's the drama for?"

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"When I go let it be like James Dean, I don't want to die slow."
Bowles Ralston
"I just believe that life is more than rehearsing how to die."
Ralston Bowles quotes
"These carwreck conversations always seem to end this way, with me knocked out on the gurney and you serenely pull away."
Ralston Bowles
"We are Fragile, everyone. We all long for something more. Things are said and things are done and the pieces hit the floor. See how fragile."
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