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Sean Sellers

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These are the ghosts I live with and I hate myself for all I became and did. I am not just sorry, I am haunted. I think of all the people I hurt, of all the moments I stole from your lives, and I know I deserve to die.

Sean Sellers

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Some are haunted by ghosts. I am haunted by stories.

Gene Wolfe

Don’t go to extremes.  Don’t hate too much and don’t love too much.  Try to live somewhere in the middle.  Hate destroys the hater.  And if you love too much you get too involved and you cannot see too clearly.  Love and hate are like night and day.  They do exist together and you must accept them both, but you must also understand them and be in control of both emotions.  It is peaceful in the middle.  You won’t be hurt in the middle.

Cary Grant

”It sounds fine that one must not hurt other people’s feelings—but perhaps this world would be a better place to live if it were the reason that must not be hurt.”

Poul Henningsen

Go back again, now you have seen us, and your outward eyes have learned that in spite of all the infallible maxims of your day there is yet a time of rest in store for the world, when mastery has changed into fellowship — but not before. Go back again, then, and while you live you will see all round you people engaged in making others live lives which are not their own, while they themselves care nothing for their own real lives — men who hate life though they fear death. Go back and be the happier for having seen us, for having added a little hope to your struggle. Go on living while you may, striving, with whatsoever pain and labour needs must be, to build up little by little the new day of fellowship, and rest, and happiness.

William Morris

What to say? That the end of love is a haunting. A haunting of dreams. A haunting of silence. Haunted by ghosts it is easy to become a ghost. Life ebbs. The pulse is too faint. Nothing stirs you. Some people approve of this and call it healing. It is not healing. A dead body feels no pain.

Jeanette Winterson
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