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Tivadar Csontvary Kosztka (1853 – 1919)

Hungarian painter.
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Tivadar Csontvary Kosztka
You, faulty men! Not only got lost on the way of charlatains, but contravened against the divine nature. Weren't settled for the wealthy, clear air, you bewitched it with smoke and burnt smell, you weren't settled for the best spring water, you filled up yourself with several kinds of hard drinks, the sun shined for you in vain, you didn't behold it ...
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I know the way, what I have to walk. I know the spiritual power, world-creating energy, what I have to lay its account with. There's no doubt: we come out into a better still world part and we will be delighted in unfailing fairnesses.
I, Tivadar Kosztka, who gave up his prime of youth for the rebirth of the world, accepting the call of the invisible Spirit, had a regular civil job, comfort, wealth then ... Going to Paris in 1907 I oppositely standed alone in front of millions with only the result of the divine providence, and I beat the vanity of the world hollow, but I haven't killed 10 million people, only sobered them. I haven't made commercials from things, because I didn't care for the pedlar's press; I retired from the world instead, going to the top of the Lebanons, and I painted cedars.

Creating everlasting works is possible only being ducked in Verity; and gaining verity is possible only from the god. The one who given the ability for creation to, it is given the ability for immortality to. This ability is the substance not only of the human beings, but it can be seen in animals; birds and insects.
Kosztka Tivadar Csontvary
In my home, as I made Academics topsy-turvy, I have been boycotted. I have been labeled as "prophet of East" snearing ironically.
You like the Earth, Man, and you pawing the ground think of God, the little nursling will recognize you, and will think of you with love, because God lives even in it also. Give nourishment to the developing little creatures, either to plant or to animal, and it will develop for your sweet amazement. Give food for the wild animal starving, and it will slick to you.
Tivadar Csontvary Kosztka
Life is not theory. It is reality, with inherent duties to everything and everyone.
Men, what level we sank to what became from this modern civilisation.
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