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Suvi Koponen

Finnish fashion model.
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Suvi Koponen
It really annoys me that people think every model has an eating disorder, and every model is dumb. Most of the girls are naturally skinny, like me. I donít have to watch what I eat. I love eating! Especially ice-cream and salty snacks.
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There is intellectual power and refined beautiness in her appearance. She is a real chameleon, that's why her career is going to continue. -
I don't care about weight things, but it's more important to me that I'm happy and I feel good. What happens to my body is going to happen and people have to live with that or I'll quit this job.

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Suvi is tall and she has an intensive face.
Koponen Suvi
I have got a new star for you.
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Everyone knows Suvi in New York.
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