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Sergei Akhromeyev (1923 – 1991)

Russian military figure, Hero of the Soviet Union (1982), Marshal of the Soviet Union (1983), who was Chief of the General Staff of the Soviet Armed Forces 1984-1988, and committed suicide after the 1991 August Coup.
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Sergei Akhromeyev
Think of the 40 years of confrontation. What is it we gained?...The old style has exposed itself: it is fruitless.
Akhromeyev quotes
If both sides reduced their long-range missiles by 50%, SDI would be an unacceptable threat to the remaining Soviet rocket forces.
If it is necessary we will find a quick answer and it will not be the way the United States expects it. It will be an answer that devalues the 'Star Wars' program.

Akhromeyev Sergei quotes
The longer the war drags on, more and more civilians are getting killed.
Akhromeyev Sergei
We are not pursuing research to develop ABM space systems. There are studies to improve systems of warning against a missile attack, communications and navigation systems and to develop ground-based ABM defences.
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