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Joe DiMaggio (1914 – 1999)

Born Giuseppe Paolo DiMaggio, Jr, was a Major League Baseball center fielder who played his entire MLB career (19361951) for the New York Yankees.
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Joe DiMaggio
I remember Joe DiMaggio's last at-bat in the World Series in 1951; we knew it was going to be his last at-bat. He hit a ball a double to right-centerfield and pulled up into second base in that elegant way he did. And, I think there were tears in my eyes, I was there that day. And I thought 'That's the last time I'll see him', but he was complete to the end.
DiMaggio quotes
He knew what the press and the fans and the kids expected of him, and he was always trying to live up to that image. That's why he couldn't be silly in public like I could, or ever be caught without his shirt buttoned or his shoes shined. He knew he was Joe DiMaggio and he knew what that meant to the country.
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