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Ani DiFranco

Popular folk-rock singer-songwriter and guitarist.
Ani DiFranco
I am writing graffiti on your body.
I am drawing the story of how hard we tried.
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I know there is strength in the differences between us,
And I know there is comfort where we overlap.
I remember now how our bright spring green deepened.
With the years the seasons changed,
And we were lush as the underside of August.

DiFranco Ani quotes
Art is why I get up in the morning; my definition ends there.
You know it doesn't seem fair,
That I'm living for something I can't even define.
And there you are right there, in the mean time.
DiFranco Ani
There's a crowd of people harbored in every person, there are so many roles that we play.
And you've decided to love me for eternity. I'm still deciding who I want to be today"
Ani DiFranco quotes
And their eyes are all asking
Are you in or are you out?
And I think, oh man
What is this about?
Tonight you can't put me
Up on any shelf
Cuz I came here alone
And I'm gonna leave by myself.
Ani DiFranco
I知 going to go ahead and go boldly
Cuz a little bird told me
That jumping is easy
That falling is fun
Right up 奏il you hit the sidewalk
Shivering and stunned.
DiFranco Ani quotes
We discovered we are both pleasantly furious half of the time,
When we're not just toeing the line.
And everything seems to have gone terribly wrong that can.
But one breath at a time is an acceptable plan,
She tells herself.
DiFranco Ani
So I値l walk the plank and I値l jump with a smile.
If I知 gonna go down, I知 gonna do it with style,
and you won't see me surrender, you won't hear me confess,
'Cuz you've left me with nothing, but i've worked with less.
Ani DiFranco
I was blessed with a birth and a death, and I guess I just want some say in-between.

Ani DiFranco quotes
I love all those great 'f' words - feminism, folk music..
Ani DiFranco
Now I wonder who is gonna be president: Tweedle Dumb, or Tweedle Dumber--
And who is gonna have the big block buster box office this summer.
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Freedom and democracy,
That's the word from Washington every day.
Put America to sleep with warm milk and clich駸,
And people are expendable along the way.
DiFranco Ani
Now let's get talking: reefer madness. Like some arrogant government can't,
By any stretch of the imagination, outlaw a plant.
DiFranco Ani quotes
In any marginalized community, whether people identify themselves or not affects us all.
Ani DiFranco
Let's grow old and die together. Let's do it now.
Ani DiFranco quotes
I think I'm done gunnin to get closer.
To some imagined bliss.
I gotta knuckle down.
And just be ok with this.
Ani DiFranco
I always feel I have to take a stand,
And there's always someone on hand
To hate me for standing there.
I always feel I have to open my mouth,
And every time I do, I offend someone, somewhere.
DiFranco Ani
They say that the truth will set you free
But then again, so will a lie...
It depends if you're trying to get to the promised land
Or if you're just trying to get by.

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