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Jack Black

Award-winning American actor, comedian and musician.
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Jack Black
Y-y-you know what? Fine! Go ahead, join the Black Eyed Peas! I-I-I don't need you...I don't need anybody! [runs away crying]
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It's great to be here at the VMA's! I know this show's been a little sketchy in the past. But there isn't gonna be any problems there Eminem?! Not here, someone should've told me.
You know what I just realized? Jack Black...Jack White! [points to Jack White]

Black Jack quotes
[cries] I just want my friend back!
Black Jack
I'm fairly certain YOLO is Carpe Diem for stupid poeple.
Jack Black quotes
Hey guys, there isn't gonna be a Plan B. You called me in to bring the thunder and that's what I'm gonna do.
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