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Howard Jacobson

Prize-winning British comic novelist, non-fiction writer and former academic.
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Howard Jacobson
Although I was too young to understand the theory of universal (that's to say male) guilt, I was old enough to know which sex suffered migraine and which sex caused it.
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In the matrimonial life of the Jewish male every day is Yom Kippur.
In the highly improbable event of his being asked to nominate the one most un-Jewish thing he could think of, Sefton Goldberg would have been hard pressed to decide between Nature that's to say birds, trees, flowers, and country walks and football that's to say beer, bikies, mud, and physical pain.

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He was as sentimental as Hitler about applause and crowds.
Jacobson Howard
All those words of praise they use for novels spare, economical. Why should I shell out ?17 for economical?
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