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Daniel Dumile

American hip hop artist who has taken on several stage names in his career - originally Zev Love X, most famously MF DOOM, and in side projects as King Geedorah, Metal Fingers and Viktor Vaughn.
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Daniel Dumile
Who's got the most whips, gats and cash? If you'd ask the villain he'd say who gives a rat's ass?
Dumile quotes
How Doom hold heat, and preach non-violence? Shhh, he 'bout to start the speech, c'mon, silence!
Got more soul (sole) than a sock with a hole.

Dumile Daniel quotes
Dub it off your man don't spend that 10 bucks. I did it for the advance the back end sucks.
Dumile Daniel
Don't talk about my moms yo, sometimes he rhyme quick sometimes he rhyme slow, or vise-versa. Whip up a slice o' nice verse pie, hit it on the first try, Villain...the worst guy.
Daniel Dumile quotes
If I had a dime for every rhymer that bust guns, I'd have a cool mill' for my sons in trust funds.
Daniel Dumile
And since when the rap game had to do with killin a cat, what type o' chitlins is that?
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