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Bob Pike (1940 – 1999)

Full name Robert Hughes Pike, was an Australian surfer who specialized in big wave surfing.
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Bob Pike
“You never get enough big surf to tire of it. When the small surf is running, I go skindiving.”
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“Although the Australian beaches I’ve listed all throw up some really big waves, you have to go to Hawaii to sample the biggest available in the world.”
“Every big wave rider can tell you of his narrow escapes from death.”

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“I am a fanatic for big waves. I just can’t resist them and the urge to paddle out and try to ride the biggest waves of all is the most compelling thing in my life, the most moving challenge I know.”
Pike Bob
“Though it eats up my savings, I’ve just got to ride the biggest waves I can find in this world. The big waves may scare me, but with my new big gun boards, I fancy I can ride a few of them.”
Bob Pike quotes
“I don’t like to compete and I don’t think any of the top riders do. It takes too much of the pleasure out of the sport and creates too many jealousies. Competitions are all against the spirit of surf-riding, which is supposed to be a communion with nature rather than a hectic chase for points.”
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