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Beatrice Stella Campbell (1865 – 1940)

British actress, the first actress to play "Eliza Doolittle", in George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion.
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Beatrice Stella Campbell
The deep, deep peace of the double-bed after the hurly-burly of the chaise-lounge.
Campbell quotes
I want my dark lady. I want my angel. I want my tempter, I want my Freia with her apples. I want the lighter of my seven lamps of beauty, honour, laughter, music, love, life and immortality. I want my inspiration, my folly, my happiness, my divinity, my madness, my selfishness, my final sanity and sanctification, my transfiguration, my purification, my light across the sea, my palm across the desert, my garden of lovely flowers, my million nameless joys, my day's wage, my night's dream, my darling and my star.
Oh dear me — it's too late to do anything but accept you and love you — but when you were quite a little boy, somebody ought to have said "hush" just once!

Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.
Does it really matter what these affectionate people do — so long as they don’t do it in the streets and frighten the horses!
She has such pretty little eyes — And they're so close together!
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